CTools Advanced

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2 days


Course description

The CTools Advanced course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in the CTools Fundamentals (CT1000) course, which covered how to add dynamic and interactive features to improve the dashboard user experience.

Target Audience

Learning Goals

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • use Bootstrap CSS classes to create an attractive dashboard layout
  • apply bootstrap CSS classes within a dashboard layout
  • set column sizes dynamically, depending on the size of the device displayed by the dashboard
  • add table components to a dashboard
  • add diagram components to a dashboard
  • add custom parameters to a dashboard
  • add filter components to a dashboard
  • set listeners and parameters for dashboard components
  • use JavaScript to change the type of chart displayed based on a user’s filter selections
  • customise dashboard tables and charts with JavaScript
  • use JavaScript to dynamically adjust dashboard chart sizes based on window size
  • add dynamic text components to a dashboard
  • apply web developer tools to obtain information needed for creating a custom text component
  • attach an external JavaScript resource to the dashboard for creating a custom add-in
  • add a map component to the dashboard
  • adapt the map component using JavaScript
  • include values from session variables in the dashboard
  • embed a CTools dashboard in an HTML page
  • embed dashboard components in a CTools dashboard

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Our Pentaho Trainer

Dirk Rönsch

Djordja Markovic

Laziz Karimov

Tom Haupt

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