Neo4j - Analysing data connections at lightning speed

Neo4j offers a graph database platform for the optimal management of highly interconnected data sets. This forms the optimal basis for sophisticated analysis applications. Data scientists are given modern tools for the development of intelligent applications and machine learning workflows.


Neo4j highlights

Innovative Use Cases

Neo4j enables new data perspectives and analyses. Popular use cases are fraud detection, 360-degree customer evaluations, knowlegde graphs, master data management.

High performance database

Neo4j enables high-performance read and write operations even with large data sets and complex data analyses.

Intuitive usability

Neo4j provides a variety of APIs for all common languages as well as an intuitive user interface. Cypher is a powerful Graph Query Language for easy query development.

High development speed

Neo4j enables whiteboard-friendly modelling of the data. The logical corresponding to the physical data model. A fast time-to-production and flexible adaptability close the gap between business and IT.

Production stability

Neo4j is a proven technology with a large number of productive implementations over the years and offers a solid foundation for the implementation of business-critical data applications.

Largest and most active graph community

An active community around Neo4j continuously drives innovation. 3,000,000+ downloads, over 200 enterprise customers are facts for the impressive spread of the technology.

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

Implement innovative business cases with Neo4j

Why Neo4j with it-novum?


Conception of Neo4j-based applications for your use case based on a variety of data projects.

Professional Services

360-degree service for the successful implementation of your use cases with Neo4j using tried-and-tested project methodology as well as training and support services.

Technology experts

Consulting for the professional use of Neo4j in your data architecture by experienced, well-trained data consultants.

neo4j licensing advice and sales

Advice on the optimal licensing and sale of licences for Neo4j in close coordination with the software manufacturer.