Apache Hop

Open source for sophisticated data projects

Apache Hop, short for Hop Orchestration Platform, is a low-code platform for data engineering and data orchestration. Hop bridges the gap between the business layer and enterprise data experts by enabling more agile development that provides fast and straightforward access to and processing of data.

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Apache Hop Highlights

Support for many best practices

Data experts can implement their own data project – with high quality, fast and with a steep learning curve

Integrated complete toolset

From configuration management as well as unit and integration testing to integrated version control and automatic documentation

Wide range of provided workflows

Read/write, enrichment/combination on countless source and target platforms. Batch, streaming, or batch/streaming hybrid processing, depending on engine

Strict separation of metadata from runtime code

Simplifies execution on a variety of platforms such as Spark, Flink, or Dataflow

Visual development environment

All life-cycle management is easily handled in the Hop GUI, and supports workflows and pipelines

Deep Neo4j integration

Wide range of display options for reports and dashboards up to visual self-service analyses

We provide you with the following services in the Apache Hop environment


Consulting for the architecture and development environment of Apache Hop


Loading of large data sets into databases by taking advantage of cloud, cluster and massively parallel processing environments


Data warehouse loading with built-in support for Slowly Changing Dimensions and Change Data Capture


Combining of relational databases, files, NoSQL databases such as Neo4j, MongoDB, Cassandra and others.


Data migration between different databases and applications


Data profiling and cleansing


German-speaking product support as well as individual solution support

Training and education

Conducted in-house or remotely by certified trainers

PoC execution

Planning and execution of Proof of Concepts for the evaluation of Apache Hop

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

Implement your Apache Hop project with us

Why you should trust in it-novum for your Apache Hop project


We have been implementing data integration and analytics projects for more than 10 years

Community Thought

We are closely connected to the community and host the annual German-speaking user meeting.

Expert knowledge

We have a high number of certified staff (architects, consultants, developers, trainers)


We implement Apache Hop in a wide range of industries (finance, public sector, manufacturing, telco, etc.)