Smart Building

With smart buildings to higher energy efficiency, optimized use and more security

Our field-proven Smart City Blueprint enables real-time data collection and provides valuable information about city operations.

Smart Building Use Cases

Parking management

Optimized use of space

Environmental monitoring

Energy Management

Building security

Occupational safety

Architecture platform features

Integration building data

Information center for the building

Identification of inefficient building use

Data-driven optimization of building use

Proactive building maintenance

Risk prevention in the building

Automation of processes in the building

Secure handling of building data

Customer examples

Ventilation systems Manufacturer

Build an IoT platform in the industrial equipment space for tens of thousands of devices. For this purpose, a streaming-capable data lake was created and feedback and control channels were provided for users. Energy savings as well as the development of new business areas are the advantages of the solution.

Pump manufacturer

Deliver innovative digital services using IoT technology and a streaming-enabled architecture. Opening up new digital business areas for B2B by collecting, integrating and visualizing sensor data.

Building Management

To achieve the climate protection targets for a climate-neutral and sustainable building standard, the interaction between buildings and energy networks must be optimized. With the help of various sensors and ThingsBoard, energy consumption in buildings is controlled in an energy-efficient manner.