HiveMQ - Enterprise-ready MQTT Broker

HiveMQ is an MQTT broker with full MQTT 3 and 5 support and a client-based messaging platform designed for fast and reliable transmission of data to and from connected IoT devices. It uses the standardized MQTT protocol for instant, two-way push of data between IoT devices and enterprise applications.

HiveMQ Highlights

Open IoT standard MQTT

This gives enterprises access to a wide range of MQTT clients.

Multi-cloud strategy

The MQTT broker can be deployed in private, hybrid and public clouds such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

MQTT cloud platform

Fully managed MQTT platform that requires no installation or management. It makes installing and scaling the solution as easy as possible.

Highly available cluster operation

With just a few clicks, a highly scalable MQTT cloud broker cluster can be created and IoT devices can be connected immediately. Upgrades occur without downtime.

MQTT and Kafka

The HiveMQ Enterprise Kafka Extension can be used to transfer data to Apache Kafka. HiveMQ can be individually extended with further extensions via the HiveMQ Marketplace.

Simple management

HiveMQ offers a dedicated Control Center that provides quick access to the most important metrics of a HiveMQ installation.

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

Together we master your data integration challenges

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

Together we master your data integration challenges

Our Professional Services for HiveMQ


360° consulting for HiveMQ and adjacent technologies to implement all data-driven use cases.

Solution Support

We take over the cross-solution support for your IoT application with defined SLA's.

Custom Extensions

We develop special extensions for HiveMQ for you.


We build up HiveMQ know-how at your site and are sparring partners in individual IoT workshops.

it-novum is the right partner for your HiveMQ project

Data is our DNA

We know how to implement data architecture and any other data projects.

Extensive IoT expertise

We know IoT projects in many industries and have no "blinders".

At first hand

Close contact to the software vendor guarantees first-hand know-how

Certified personnel

Trained personnel at all project levels - from architecture to development