Smart City

Greater sustainability, more security and better citizen service through smart cities

Our field-proven Smart City Blueprint enables real-time data collection and provides valuable information about city operations.

Smart City Use Cases


Optimierter Verkehr



Öffentliche Sicherheit

Verbesserung Bürgerservices

Architecture platform features

Integration urbaner Daten

Informations-Zentrale für die Stadt

Identifikation ineffizienter Infrastrukturen

Datengetriebene Optimierung der urbanen Infrastruktur

Teilen städtischer Daten

Risikoprävention in der Stadt

Automatisierung von Prozessen in der Stadt

Sicherer Umgang mit urbanen Daten

Customer examples


The Baltic Sea resort of Eckernförde optimized public parking and tourist traffic flows as part of a pilot project using Internet-of-Things technology. Effective parking management reduced the burden of environmentally harmful CO2 and now prevents time-consuming traffic jams.

Systems for environmental protection

A cloud interface is used to retrieve data from environmental sensors based on both time and events. An intuitive interface allows end users to create and manage devices and assets as easily as possible.

Rosenheim municipal utility

The municipal utilities manage various regional electricity market participants as part of Redispatch 2.0. With the help of the IoT solution ThingsBoard, a
web-based platform be implemented that integrates and coordinates all operator data.