Internet of Things

it-novum IoT Solutions

Open IoT computing platform that enables users to connect endpoints, sensors, and machines to develop, integrate, manage, and analyze IoT applications.

Benefits of our IoT solution

Efficiency advantage

  • Higher automation
  • Lower downtime
  • Decreasing maintenance/service costs
  • Lower production costs
  • Higher employee productivity

Advantage digitization

  • Fast time to market
  • New business models
    Data monetisation
    Data-as-a-service for OEM/customers with pay-per-use
  • New products and services
    IoT service for customers and external target groups

Advantage strategy

  • New customer potential
  • Direct customer access
  • Backup existing customers
  • Competitive advantages

Implemented with best-of-breed open source technologies

Highlights of our modern reference architecture

Technical features

  • OTA Updates & Lifecycle Management

  • Integration of field sensor and store floor data

  • 360° view on production data

  • Extension of the OEE reporting

  • Intelligent Alerting

  • Asset Management

  • Powerful tools for analysis and dashboard creation

  • Device management and operational reporting

  • Rule Engine

  • Data Connectivity (MQTT, OPC-UA u.a.)

Functional features

  • Platform independent operation

    On-Prem or Cloud or Hyprid

  • Centralized and decentralized data sharing

  • Microservice-based

  • SparkPlug Support

  • Multi-Tenancy

  • Scalability

Through the use of standard software

  • Customizable

  • Functionally expandable

  • Easy integration into existing environments (MES, SAP)

  • High security

  • Field-tested

Application scenarios of our technology

Successfully implemented IoT projects in companies and the public sector

All of the projects presented use our reference architecture for IoT platforms.

Green City in the big city

Comprehensive product support through IoT

Improved protection against environmental hazards

Measurement of pollutant load in water bodies

High frequency data collection in production

New customer platform for energy suppliers

Water protection and efficient alerting

Fleet management with smart maintenance cyc

We offer end-to-end support in all IoT project phases

Strategy and Use Cases

Identifying IoT-relevant use cases and deriving a corresponding IoT roadmap.

Piloting & Proof of Concept

Evaluating the feasibility and commercial value of the IoT platform with selected requirements.

Solution Support

High-quality support services for the smooth operation of your IoT platform.


Designing a scalable IoT platform based on individual customer requirements.

Platform & Applications

Implementing an end-to-end IoT platform from sensors and data management to analyses and applications.

Training Services

Know-how transfer for the independent operation and further development of your IoT solution.

Our implementation and project expertise

Our team consists of multidisciplinary experts who will help you avoid pitfalls and implement your project to meet your own particular, bespoke requirements.

IoT Analytics Expertise

Our data scientists implement machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that enable you to make informed forecasts from your data

IoT Plattform Expertise

Our OT and IT experts work side by side to implement a platform for carrying out sensor management and data analysis

Enterprise Readiness

Implement your enterprise-level IoT platform – regardless of whether on-premise or in the Cloud

IoT Data Engineering Expertise

Our data engineers will develop data pipelines for combining sensor data with all other relevant data sources in your company (e.g. SAP, Salesforce, etc.)

OT Know How

Our OT experts will transform your systems and devices into smart technology through the use of sensors and by setting up secure communications with the IoT platform