Pentaho User Meeting 2022: Advancing from self-service BI to self-service AI

Advancing from self-service BI to self-service AI

Sprecher: Biju Krishnan, AI Architect DataRobot

It’s no secret AI and Machine learning can provide organizations the competitive edge in today’s fast paced market. Rather than making data science the domain of a few, organizations can create AI Tribes and democratize AI.

The audience will get a glimpse of how AI democratization can actually be rolled out in their organizations. They will also learn about Auto Machine Learning (AutoML), Machine Learning Ops (MLOPS) among other topics and also see it in action.

  • AutoML and how it empowers citizen data scientists
  • Trusted AI with MLOPS, so that deployed models are explainable, compliant, and monitored.
  • Leveraging AutoML and MLOPS to empower analysts and business users to perform self service AI.
  • Examples of companies in Germany and DACH who are embracing the concept of a citizen data scientist 

The talk includes a demo of AutoML and MLOPS on the DataRobot AI Platform and also how it could integrate with Pentaho for building end to end pipelines that incorporate machine learning.

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