PCMD15: „Once more I expect a positive vibe“

Matt Casters is Chief Architect of Pentaho Data Integration
Wieder dabei beim PCMD15: Matt Casters

Matt Casters ist beim Business Intelligence-Anbieter Pentaho für das Datenintegrationsmodul verantwortlich.
Im Vorfeld des Pentaho Community Meetings #PCMD15 habe ich Matt gebeten, seine Einschätzung in Bezug auf die deutschsprachige Pentaho-Anwendergemeinde zu geben, die er auf dem Event am 5. Februar wiedersehen wird.

Matt, #PCMD15 is going to be your second Pentaho Community Meeting Germany. What are your expectations?
Once more I expect a positive vibe. I’m sure to see a diverse group of people ranging from absolute beginners to Pentaho experts. Like most Pentaho community and user group meetings I expect a strong attendance with lots of interesting and interested people.

You attend many community meetings around the world. Have you noticed cultural differences in how the meetings are organized and received?
The cultural differences mostly pertain to the languages spoken and the size or location of the venue. However I find it surprising that the general level of the presentations and people attending is consistently very high. The passion and the level of professionalism is really amazing, even for so called community meetings. Community has now really encompassed the whole spectrum of Pentaho users ranging from students and hobbyists to large enterprise big data developers.

You are Chief Architect of Pentaho Data Integration. How is the PDI community in the German-speaking countries? Do you think it´s used more/less than in other countries?
PDI has always had a very active and vibrant user and developer community in Germany. In fact the very first user of Kettle, before it even became open source was a German. Actually he still is even though he works for Pentaho now 🙂 At the last community meetup in Antwerp we also had a relatively high number of attendees from Germany. Pentaho traditionally also had good sales figures to show for Germany indicating that we have great partners and a good Pentaho software adoption rate.

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