#PCMD15: “Making a Bridge to own Use Cases”

Pedro Alves ist Community Manager bei Pentaho
Pedro Alves ist Community Manager bei Pentaho

Er ist die Stimme der Pentaho-Gemeinde: Pedro Alves, SVP Community bei Pentaho. Seine Vorträge zähle ich zu meinen persönlichen Highlights. Vor dem zweiten Pentaho Community-Meeting in Deutschland #PCMD15 verriet mir Pedro, was er am 5. Februar von der lebhaften deutschen Entwicklerkultur erwartet.

Pedro, #PCMD15 is going to be your second German Pentaho Community Meeting. What are your expectations?
The first edition was a success; I was very pleased with the entire event, from organization to presentations and attendees. My hope is that this second edition not only largely surpasses the first event, but marks the beginning of a recurring event.

You attend many community meetings around the world. Have you noticed cultural differences in how the meetings are organized and received?
Absolutely, the cultural differences can be seen immediately. It’s one of the few community events that is successfully run during business hours (as opposed to, for instance, London, that are more successful at the end of the day) and very business oriented. All the attendees are very focused in getting as much information as possible, immediately, making a bridge for their own use cases. Efficient and disciplined – key characteristics of the German people.

You are Community Manager at Pentaho. What is your impression of the German-speaking Pentaho Community?
Simply put, I just want more of it! We get a lot of contributions (is several shapes and forms) from the German-speaking community; From collaboration in the forums, bug reports, feature sponsoring all the way to heavy personal investments from some key figures like Thomas Starl’s German Language Pack, Marius Giepz‘ Saiku Reporting and the leadership of It-novum’s Stefan Müller . That´s a remarkable amount for a community which can’t said to be very high in number.

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