Smarter cities with Pentaho

Gianluca Andreis, Engineering Head Coach of Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence, Hitachi Vantara
Gianluca Andreis, Engineering Head Coach of Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence, Hitachi Vantara

Analyzing IoT data not only improves economic outcomes but also has a significant (and positive) impact on life chances and conditions. Driven by the Social Innovation approach, Hitachi Vantara and Pentaho offer solutions that help to make the city safer, smarter and healthier and save natural resources for future generations. Gianluca Andreis will present two exciting usecases at Pentaho Community Meeting.

Gianluca, who are you?
I work at Hitachi Vantara as engineering manager of a wonderful co-located team, split between Italy and United States. We work on a solution tailored for smart cities and law enforcement agencies. My career was all about software development, from big companies to small startups in very different environments, always challenging, always fun!

Outside my job, I’m a full-time daddy of a two-years old daughter, another “challenging” (very rewarding!) adventure that I’m sharing with my beloved fiancée. I used to play basketball semi-professionally along with every sports I managed to try but nowadays with limited time I became a little lazy so I’m more on spending time with friends as much as I can (but I should really start doing some sports again) and playing sports… on videogames!

What connects you to Pentaho?
Pentaho was acquired by Hitachi Vantara (same company I work for) and being such an impressive solution we quickly decided to integrate it into our own product replacing existing “homemade” analytics. Being able then to meet wonderful people from the Pentaho team allowed us to ramp up quickly and cope with new use cases relying on it.

What will your talk be about?
My talk will focus on how Pentaho is empowering our customer with a broader set of information that allows them to take quicker and more sensible choices that affects the lives of millions of people. We will take a look at two customer cases: a big United States city administration that aims to improve the quality of life of its citizens by providing better and more targeted traffic management solutions, and one of the most populated Indian regions aiming at revolutionizing its agricultural assets with real-time data monitoring and targeted growth strategies.

What we will see is that big data analytics is not just about artificial numbers and indices. When employed correctly and with the right tools, it can really change our lives and have an impact on our world.

What do you expect from Pentaho Community Meeting?
I expect to meet the thriving environment everyone is talking about! I’m a newbie and this will be my first PCM, so I’m very excited and I’m sure I will come back with a lot of new energy and drive I will get from the community.


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