Realtime streaming with Raspberry PI and PDI

Håkon Bommen will talk about the real time step in Pentaho Data Integration
Håkon Bommen will talk about the real time step in PDI

Pentaho Data Integration can be used for an incredible amount of operational needs. Be it classical ETL steps, costs calculation or report management, you can practically do everything with PDI including realtime stuff. Håkon Bommen from Norway will demonstrate how to do realtime streaming with PDI and Raspberry PDI at Pentaho Community Meeting.

Håkon who are you?
I am a person that likes to build things. At work, I build cubes, jobs, and transformations.At home I’m currently putting up a garage for my car. I have a wife and three sons. The eldest have turned teenager, so now I do have some spare time that I try to spend playing guitar.

What connects you with Pentaho?
I have been working with Pentaho products for the last eight years. Most of the time for a music streaming provider. Here, I built a system for calculating royalty costs to labels and right-holders, and a system for generating usage reports based on templates. I also built a job queue for scheduling jobs and keep track of their execution, and a system to create live backups of all the relevant settlement tables.

What will your talk be about?
The last couple of months I have made several videos about how we built systems using PDI to address operational needs that I wanted to share with the community. I also made a video demonstrating the real time step in PDI, and it’s this video my talk will be based on. I’m reading sensor data (acceleration) from a Raspberry PI pushing the data to a Kafka server. And on the other end I’m reading the data in PDI, visualising the delay and talking a bit about how PDI implements the Kafka step.

What do you expect from Pentaho Community Meeting?
In the business track I guess we will hear mostly about Pentaho use cases. And on the tech track I expect the community to show off their most exciting development that they had to make some critical changes to just the other night.