Pentaho helps to save lives

Devan Manharlal uses Pentaho for integrating health data in Mozambique
Devan Manharlal uses Pentaho for integrating health data

Analyzing health data to provide better health services is crucial for governments, especially in developing countries. Devan Manharlal will present the usecase of Mozambique. The Ministry of Health uses Pentaho to integrate, analyze and visualize health data from different sources to provide better health care services.

Devan, who are you?
I am an Health Information Systems Senior Specialist with more than 10 years of experience with information systems. Since 2011, I work at Jhpiego, a non-profit health organization affiliated with The Johns Hopkins University. Jhpiego provides technical assistance to improve health care for women and their families in over 155 countries. My job is to collaborate with the Ministry of Health of Mozambique to implement and maintain the Integrated Human Resource Information System to improve the country’s health care services.

Over the past five years my collegues and I have accumulated experience in implementing the health information system across the country including places suffering from limited connectivity. Other challenges we had to face were a lack of specialized and skilled workers and tight budgets. I have worked ´many years as a Java senior architect and have developed national and complex information systems for CEDSIF, the Center for the Development of Financial Information Systems.

What is your connection to Pentaho?
Since 2012, we use Pentaho to integrate data from various health information systems to provide health services and prevention programs in Mozambique. Data is integrated with PDI and presented on our website using CDE dashboards. We are using Pentaho community edition.

Pentaho is the solution for many problems we had with data integration and system interoperability. Some of our systems had limitations in terms of reports and data access. With Pentaho we were able to solve these problems.


Dashboard of esipSAUDE, Mozambique's national health information system
Dashboard of esipSAUDE, Mozambique’s national health information system

What will your talk be about?
I will speak about how we were able to improve the management of health data in Mozambique using Pentaho. The availability of open source data integration and analytics tools makes it easy to provide important services within the limited budget of a developing country. All this work was possible with a multi-disciplinary team with technical, business and strategic expertise and strong leadership from the Ministry of Health.

My talk will also cover how we used Pentaho not only to visualize the data that our managers need but also to make this data available for them. We created “actionable data” that they can explore and analyze themselves to take decisions and actions. Pentaho made it all very easy.

What do you expect from PCM?
I expect to discuss and share our experience in Mozambique and to learn from others how they are using Pentaho.


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