“Kettle is my weapon for any data challenge”

Bart Maertens
Bart Maertens

Bart Maertens is from Belgium and one of the many long-term users of Pentaho. At Pentaho Community Meeting, he will reveal how to do self-service data engineering with WebSpoon and GitSpoon.

Bart, who are you?
I’m a long time Pentaho user, consultant and developer. A little over 6 years ago, I started know.bi. We are a team of data consultant with a strong focus on Pentaho.

What connects you with Pentaho?
I’ve been using Pentaho since the first release, well over a decade ago now. Kettle is my weapon of choice to face any data challenge.

What will your talk be about?
We’ve built a cloud (AWS) based platform that enables business users to do self-service data engineering through WebSpoon and GitSpoon. In my talk, I’ll explain how this works, and how self-service data engineering allows business users and data engineers/developers to be more productive.

If I counted correctly, this is your 10th PCM. If you look back at the last years, what comes to your mind?
It´s my 11th PCM! 🙂 As a platform, Pentaho has come a long way, backed by a growing and vibrant community. PCM has been one of the highlights of my year since the beginning. It’s great to see how the meetup has grown from the initial informal gathering of 25 people to a professionally organized event that hosts over 250 people from all around the globe!


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