“If I had met Pentaho earlier I would have more hair”

Creator of GMapsOverlay in Pentaho Ctools: Kleyson de Sousa Rios
Much in love with Pentaho: Kleyson de Sousa Rios

Mapping data on geo maps helps to visualize important KPIs. Portugal-based Kleyson de Sousa Rios will present NewMapComponent, a plugin for Pentaho Ctools for creating maps in Pentaho dashboards. I talked to him about the plugin, how he fell in love with Pentaho and what data integration has to do with his current hair style.

Who are you?
I’m a Brazilian guy passionate for technology. I’ve been working with IT for the last 20 years in many different areas – programming, security, networking, sysadmin, SAP consultant and BI specialist. I started to work with Pentaho in 2010 for a governmental agency in Brazil where we developed a sophisticated monitoring room for monitoring and evaluating public health kpis. I’m an active member of the Brazilian Pentaho community and try to contribute as much as I can.

What is your connection to Pentaho?
Pentaho was the first BI tool that I had contact with and I really fell in love with it, mainly the data integration component PDI. If I had met PDI in the early of my journey, probably I would have more hair on my head 🙂 Working with Pentaho for some years and being an active contributor of the community, that improved my professional networking. Then in 2015 I got the invite to join the Pentaho family that I’m very proud of.

Map made with GMapsOverlay in Pentaho Ctools
Map made with NewMapComponent in Pentaho Ctools

What will your talk be about?
My talk will be about a CDE [part of Pentaho Ctools] plugin that allows the developer to include rich maps in the dashboards. The component is extremely versatile and dynamic and my intention is show how to do some cool things playing with the configuration that sometimes are not known or are not understood.

Why did you develop NewMapComponent? What are the advantages for the user?
I didn’t develop the NewMapComponent, but I developed another existing component in the CDE called GMapsOverlay. When I was working to the Brazilian agency, we had some requirements that was change the regions’ colours in a map based on some KPIs. But at that time, the NewMapComponent only could work with markers, hence no options to draw shapes. So, I developed the GMapsOverlay to support markers and shapes, and later this component was included officially in the CDE. Also, the GMapsOverlay inspired some changes to bring shape capabilities to the NewMapComponent as well.

When I landed in Pentaho, one of my first jobs was to do some changes/improvements on the NewMapComponent. It´s these that I will show in my talk. I think that the biggest advantages of the component are its dynamic and versatile features to implement maps in different ways.

What do you expect from PCM?
I’m a senior attendee of the Pentaho Community Meetings in Brazil and my expectation is the same for this PCM, meet new people, teach, learn and see cool things.

Pentaho Community Meeting 2017 takes place from November 10-12 in Mainz.
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