How to handle day-to-day challenges of Pentaho

Mihai Rezai and Antonio Pacheco know how to secure Pentaho
Mihai Rizea and Antonio Pacheco know how to secure Pentaho

Though not being supported file based repositories are frequently used in Pentaho. Mihai Rizea and Antonio Pacheco have developed a set of routines to inform the developer and to aid him in avoiding the common pitfalls of deploying code on a file based repository. They will present it at Pentaho Community Meeting in November.

Antonio and Mihai, who are you?
Antonio: I am mainly a physicist. I have a background in High-Energy Physics (HEP) and worked at CERN where I finished my studies and also helped bring technology developed at CERN to industry as a part CERN’s Knowledge Transfer activities.
Mihai: I have an academic background in medical sciences which culminated in an MSc in Data Science for Healthcare at University College London. Before getting acquainted with Pentaho I was running the analytics for a telehealth startup in London but now in my role as a BI consultant at Ubiquis, I am getting exposed to new sectors with a clear data pipelines technical focus.

What connects you both to Pentaho?
Ubiquis have been working with Pentaho since its birth and we are currently part of the team that delivers one of its largest clients in the UK. Whether our clients are interested in processing source data into their data warehouse or a BI platform for internal use, our expertise in Pentaho solutions is key to the added value we can provide.

What will your talk be about?
We will be talking about how we handle frequent day-to-day challenges of using Pentaho solutions in a real business environment. As with any great tool, it’s through time and experience that you learn how to make the most of it. Recent developments in Pentaho 7.x have allowed users to move away from file-based repositories but not all have done so. We want to showcase “how” we tackled this, both managing the process of transition and giving tips if you are still stuck in that world.

What do you expect from Pentaho Community Meeting?
Antonio: Great technical content and a very open and welcoming group of people. This is at least my experience with PCMs. The community has been growing but its size has not created any obstacles in the way people get together to share their experiences with Pentaho.
Mihai: I’ve been to all the technical talks last year and I enjoyed very much the high quality of the content. And if the hackathon is half as fun as last year we’re in for a treat. And last but not least, it’s the people, the community and the stories of how they tackle their own technical challenges.


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