Optimizing production processes with Pentaho

Pentaho-based IoT analytics: Werner Fragner and Maik Hering
Pentaho-based IoT analytics: Werner Fragner and Maik Hering

STIWA is a specialist for automation and production optimization. Their IoT analytics software is based on Pentaho. STIWA have presented their project at this year’s Pentaho User Meeting in Frankfurt and I am quite excited that they confirmed to talk at PCM17! Learn more about how Pentaho helps them to support their customers in realizing huge optimization potentials.

Who are you?
We are Werner Fragner, software architect and project lead, and Maik Hering, product manager. We develop an analyzing software that is based on Pentaho and used by our customers to analyze and visualize data in industrial environments. STIWA Group is an Austrian family enterprise with about 1,500 employees worldwide. Our customers come from various industries like automotive, medical technology and furniture fittings.

The core business of STIWA is high-end automation in production. Further divisions are component supplier for automotive industries, metal and plastic assemblies and manufacturing software. In addition STIWA offers product development for automated production, energy efficient building technologies and laboratory automation.

In the Manufacturing Software division we develop standardized software products for discrete manufacturing and are a systems integrator within the global production of our customers. With our software products we ensure the data and information flow from single sensors to an entire ERP system. The focus is to record, bind, visualize and analyze machine, product and process data.

Werner Fragner (right) at German Pentaho User Meeting 2017
Werner Fragner (right) at German Pentaho User Meeting 2017

What is your connection to Pentaho?
We use Pentaho as base for our own data analytics product „AMS Analysis-CI“. AMS Analysis-CI supports our customers in successfully operating production sites and machines. With Pentaho we have been working for over two years now. The decision to use Pentaho for our analytics software was easy as it offers good extensibility and a wide set of features available from day one.

What will your talk be about?
We will talk about how to analyze data in an industrial environment using AMS Analysis-CI and Pentaho. We take a look into the different roles in a production facility and how we have customized and extended Pentaho to provide our customers with the analytics they need to run their production efficiently.

How do users profit from your software?
The time for putting a machine into operation can be reduced by 25% and the overall equipment efficiency can be improved by 15%. With our solution our customers are able to combine data in new ways and gain important insights in the entire production process.

What do you expect from PCM?
We expect an open-minded community and are excited to talk to other developers to exchange Pentaho experiences. Maybe we are also able to give some ideas back to the community that are born in a business environment.