Scaling Pentaho Server with Kubernetes

„Standards are key“: Diethard Steiner at Pentaho Community Meeting 2017
Diethard Steiner at Pentaho Community Meeting 2017

At Pentaho User Meeting in March, Nis Christian Carstensen talked about how to run Pentaho in a Kubernetes cloud. Diethard Steiner, passionate Pentaho user, will go more into the technical details at Pentaho Community Meeting in Bologna. His presentation will cover the topic of scaling Pentaho Server with Kubernetes.

Diethard, who are you?
I am an enthusiastic Pentaho consultant sharing my experience with the wider community via my regular blog posts. I have worked with the Pentaho products for over 10 years and the open source nature of the product has always attracted me.

It has been an extremely interesting experience working on business intelligence projects – the variety of these projects means that you learn something new nearly every day. I’ve implemented business intelligence projects for various clients over the years. These days I am working as an independent consultant in London.

What will your talk be about?
In the past we manually deployed Pentaho Server to the cloud or we had some vendor specific deploy scripts. These days we want to use an approach that works across any vendors and is fully automated, supports failover and scaling. Kubernetes provides all these features. In my talk I will focus on how to build a suitable Docker image to house the Pentaho Server and then deploy it to several nodes in the cloud. We will also talk through setting up a load balancer.

At PCM17, you talked about how to work with agile project teams. Any updates on this?
The approach is still being used on my projects, however, I am still hoping that PDI will one day natively provide similar features.

What do you expect from PCM18?
Another exciting community driven event! I am curious to hear about real-life Pentaho implementations and use cases. The expectations are high: Last year’s event was sensational… This year we will enjoy wonderful Italian food and wine… and great Pentaho presentations… so much to look forward to!


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