Leveraging the data revolution in healthcare

Giorgio Grillini and Virgilio Pierini
Giorgio Grillini and Virgilio Pierini

Healthcare organizations are challenged with massive amounts of data like patient data, insurance data, billing information or patient satisfaction scores. With tightened regulations and a need to improve operations and patient care, healthcare organizations are becoming even more challenged with reporting and leveraging disparate data sources. At Pentaho Community Meeting, Giorgio Grillini and Virgilio Pierini will present a usecase for blending and analyzing health data in order to improve patient healthcare, resource efficiency, and financial and regulatory reporting.

Giorgio, Virgilio who are you?
We are two IT freelancers, friends from school time, working together whenever possible, huge fans of Pentaho and open source in general. Virgilio is more on data analytics whereas Giorgio is more on software architectures, system integration and business development. So it’s a good fit to be a team.

Personally speaking: one plays volleyball, the other one basketball and likes cycling. One is more for rock music, the other one for techno. You’ll have to guess who’s who and then ask us to check 🙂

What connects you with Pentaho?
Well, there was that evening where Giorgio told me “you gotta see that” and he showed me Pentaho 3.something. Italian labels missing, some light green and orange on the screen but his technical analysis was “that’s absolutely awesome!”. And that´s where we started. We have used almost every component of the platform so far but nowadays we’re heavily moving to big data and IoT with our Swiss knife, Kettle.

What will your talk be about?
We will describe our journey with Pentaho in a big healthcare data management system. And we will explain all the issues we faced in bringing data from 30 healthcare divisions across Italy to a data warehouse hosted on AWS and presenting it through meaningful KPIs (no pies to begin with). All KPIs are distilled in a web-based and mobile friendly dashboard that is easy enough to be understood by administrative mid-level managers.

Prepare for an overview of the challenges caused by AWS servers being in Dublin: we found out many insidious cultural and regulatory concerns about data anonimization and security.

What do you expect from Pentaho Community Meeting?
As we´re both living in Bologna we went a lot out for a beer ending up talking about software, projects, making plans and sharing ideas. So why not do the same with the community friends? We wish we can strenghten relationships, enjoy new ideas and have a strong momentum for open source!

Oh, ps: we’re really curious about the Italian Pentaho underground! This event is the top chance for fueling the Italian Pentaho User Group and creating a solid network of both enthusiasts and professionals.


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