“It´s always a pleasure to get together”

The 11th Pentaho Community Meeting will take place in Bologna
The 11th Pentaho Community Meeting will take place in Bologna

Bologna is not only the hometown of Europe’s oldest university but also location for this year’s Pentaho Community Meeting! Pentaho users from around the world will gather to meet, exchange ideas and present projects. Last year, it-novum had the honour to organize Pentaho Community Meeting for the first time. Apparently we didn´t do too bad because we were asked to organize it again 🙂 This time however, we have the support of the great folks of Pentaho User Group Italia.

Virgilio Pierini is Pentaho expert and Bologna native. Francesco Corti is Alfresco Product Evangelist but equally interested in Pentaho’s benefits. Besides others, both represent Pentaho User Group Italia, the main organizer behind PCM18.

Virgilio Pierini
Virgilio Pierini

Virgilio, Francesco, where are you from?
Virgilio: I live in (lasagna) Bologna, I think (maserati) you heard this city (ducati) in some recent (tortellini) announcement. In internet you can find me at PUG Italia!
Francesco: I live in Florence (Italy)… I know what you are thinking: oooohhh, amazing city! Yes, it’s true. But I work (and enjoy) in technology and my beautiful town is always known for the historical heritage and the good food, less for computer science and technology. I hope to contribute to make it bigger and well known in the tech world too.

What is your background?
Virgilio: I usually refer to this description but a shorter one would be “reluctant to attend DataBase courses at university, I’m spending every day in the lovely art of data analytics. Always ready for a trip, I have a long list of unexpected sightseeing spots in Bologna to show you if you come around. Always: the best reward is a good story.”
Francesco: You can find my professional background here. About my private background: I´m a brand-new father, always enjoying life through good food, good wines (but appreciate beers too) and nice friends. I like travelling and meeting people from all over the world. I think that meeting different cultures is always a good way to learn something new and interesting every day.

Francesco Corti
Francesco Corti

What connects you with Pentaho?
Virgilio: I had the opportunity to work on the solution for quite a long time and I found out that I could be creative and an inventor as with no other tool. And, oh yes, I’m one of the founders of PUG Italia!
Francesco: I have developed a complete video course and wrote a book for Packt Publishing on Pentaho Reporting. I develop a successful project integrating Pentaho Suite and Alfresco named Alflytics (also known as AAAR). Founder of PUG Italia, I’m proudly part of the Community.

Why in the world are you organizing this year’s PCM?
Virgilio: I love Pedro. And all the community 🙂 And it’s always a pleasure to come together so why not to help organizing after participating so many community events?
Francesco: I’m always curious to face new challenges and being part of the organisation of a world meeting of a community is definitely an interesting topic for me.
I have been in some of the latest PCMs in Europe and the positive vibrations and the people I met there, has been a key motivation to be part of it. I love communities!


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