How to work with agile project teams

Among the early Pentaho adopters: Diethard Steiner
Among the early Pentaho adopters: Diethard Steiner

Diethard Steiner is probably one of the first Pentaho users. Being active in the community and the social web he has used Pentaho for more than a decade. In his talk at Pentaho Community Meeting, he will show how to meet the challenges of working with multiple agile project teams in big organizations.

Diethard, who are you?
I am enthusiastic Pentaho consultant sharing my experience with the wider community via my regular blog posts. I have worked with the Pentaho products for over 10 years and the open source nature of the product has always attracted me.
It has been an extremely interesting experience working on business intelligence projects – the variety of these projects means that you learn something new nearly every day. I’ve implemented business intelligence projects for various clients over the years. These days I am working as an independent consultant in London.

What is your connection to Pentaho?
Many years ago I started focusing on providing business reporting and analysis solutions. Pentaho offering the full BI stack as well as the open source nature were initially the key reasons why I chose this product. At the time when I first started using Pentaho packages, no books and hardly any documentation documentation were available – but a very active and helpful community. Back in those days, I decided to start blogging about my learnings so that the wider community has some additional resources available.

What will your talk be about?
My talk will focus on my experience with working with multiple agile project teams in a big organization and the challenges we faced. And most importantly, how to overcome them. This is not a talk about fancy new technologies, it is a talk about making sure that we aim to deliver consistent high quality results across multiple projects and how we can use some of the available technologies to achieve this.

What is the problem with working in large agile teams?
An issue that quite often comes up is that many teams start doing the work in their own ways. Introducing standards is critical, not only for the quality of the code but also for making sure that deployment to production and monitoring/support is as easy as possible.

What do you expect from PCM17?
Exciting news about the new features in Pentaho v8 as well as seeing once again interesting real-life use cases. Most importantly though, I am looking forward to meeting and catching up with the people from the Pentaho community.


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