Video Analytics

Deeper insights and knowledge with moving image analysis

Video data is one of the most underrated sources of data in companies. Because GDPR compliant video can be used to give existing data more context or even map completely new use cases. For many applications, laser/light-based lidar technology can also be used in addition to or in place of video.

Our services for efficiently using video data


Tech workshops for profitably using video data

PoC / PoV

Identifying the business value and the technical feasibility of your video analytics project

Advice/ Consulting

Consulting for a new video analytics architecture solution or for its provision in an existing architecture

Implementation and development

Implementing solutions for using data from existing or yet to be installed cameras

Data science​

Development of machine learning and deep learning algorithms based on the video data/overall data

Data visualization

Provision of data visualisations in combination with video material

Data blending

Blending of video data with third-party data

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

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Our use cases for video analytics (an excerpt)

Regulatory authorities/security/defence

  • Fighting crime
  • Facial recognition
  • Multi-perspective search
  • Support for emergency services


  • Patient safety
  • Identifying contact persons
  • Monitoring security zones
  • Theft protection

Public sector

  • Railway platform surveillance
  • Airport surveillance
  • Event security
  • Head counts
  • Finding lost or abandoned objects

Retail/ trade

  • Counting people
  • Route analysis
  • Interaction analysis
  • Theft monitoring
  • Security


  • Monitoring restricted areas
  • Production supervision
  • Optimising production
  • Rejects


  • Vandalism – Protection and surveillance
  • Theft – Protection and surveillance
  • Accident analysis


  • Monitoring restricted & security areas
  • Tracking/ monitoring goods
  • Monitoring vehicles
  • Process optimisation

Other/ general

  • Theft protection
  • Carpark surveillance
  • Support for security personnel

Why you should trust it-novum with your video analytics project

Data is in our DNA

We're experts in implementing video analytics as well as other data projects

Startup mentality

Where a start-up mentality meets enterprise know-how – We’re well-versed in large corporate set-ups and yet are "nerdy" enough to be able to implement new tech projects in an agile and innovative way

Broad industry expertise

We are experienced in a wide variety of data projects across many industries. We never take a blinkered approach to technology!