CTools Fundamentals

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2 days


Course description

This CTools basic training will teach you how to develop perfectly designed dashboards in line with your corporate identity. This training will also provide you with a new kind of user experience.

You will also learn to quickly and easily create dynamic dashboards that make it easy for your colleagues to understand how large amounts of data can be presented in various diagrams and tables, as desired or needed.

Target Audience


Learning Goals

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • describe the approach to creating a dashboard design
  • describe the purpose of a dashboard framework such as CDF
  • name and describe the CTools core components CDA, CDE and CCC
  • recognise and use the technology behind CTools
  • describe the CTools training environment
  • create a dashboard layout using CDE
  • describe the core concept of the CDE’s life cycle
  • describe the CDE data source (perspective)
  • add Mondrian data sources to the dashboard
  • describe the CDE components (perspective)
  • add a table element to the dashboard
  • describe the meaning of CCC and CCC2
  • add a pie chart and a line chart to a dashboard
  • create extensions for an individual table with the aid of the CTools documentation
  • add parameter components to your dashboard
  • specify parameters and add them to the dashboard
  • add selector components to a dashboard
  • use widgets in a CDE dashboard

Course schedule

Day 1
Module 1 Dashboard design
Lesson Dashboard design stages
Module 2 CTools architecture
Lesson CTools architecture
Module 3 Introduction to CDF and CDE
Lesson CDF technology, features and use
Lesson Introduction to CDE
Lesson The CDE layout (perspective)
Exercise Creating a grid layout for kpiRow
Module 4 Creating a dashboard data source with CDA
Lesson Introduction to CDA
Lesson Adding a Mondrian data source to the dashboard
Exercise Adding a line chart query to the dashboard
Lesson Adding compound data accesses
Day 2
Module 5 Adding components to the dashboard
Lesson The components perspective
Module 6 Configuring tables with CCC
Lesson Introduction to CCC2
Module 7 Interactions between the components
Lesson Adding parameters
Lesson Adding preselectors
Module 8 CDE widgets
Lesson CDE widgets

Our Pentaho Trainer

Dirk Rönsch

Djordja Markovic

Laziz Karimov

Tom Haupt

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