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1 Day

Course description

This course introduces you to the PentahoBusiness Analytics Suite and is aimed at users who have to make decisions based on business intelligence evaluations. The course offers the perfect structure for further training such as Business Analytics and Data Integration training. It therefore forms the basis for more in-depth and advanced topics.
Pentaho Business Analytics is a powerful BI suite that enables users to intuitively analyse, examine and retrieve data without needing to engage the IT department for additional support. Pentaho includes:

  • Quick access to your data
  • Fast acquisition and analysis of data
  • Interactive and powerful dashboards
  • Analytical reporting on mobile devices

Target Audience


Learning Goals

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • describe the key points of Interactive Reporting, Analyser, Report Designer and the Dashboard Designer functions
  • create interactive reports
  • open and view a report from the Report Designer
  • open and view a report from the Analyser
  • create modified filters for the Analyser
  • create an overall results report in the Analyser
  • create an Analyser report in a diagram
  • export analyser reports to PDF, Excel or CSV format
  • open and view dashboards in the Dashboard Designer
  • create modified filters for exporting results from a dashboard
  • select a data source for duplicating a report so that new interactive reports can be created
  • add additional columns and report groups to an interactive report
  • sort and filter data and add a summary to an interactive report
  • edit header and footer, title and format of the numerical data record for an interactive report
  • select data sources for a new Analyser report
  • describe the available text fields in the Analyser
  • add additional columns and rows to an Analyser report
  • add intermediate and overall results as well as computed fields to an Analyser report
  • format as well as modify the format of numeric data in an Analyser report
  • view an Analyser report in a diagram and multi-format diagram
  • export an Analyser report to PDF, Excel or CSV format
  • create a new dashboard with the Dashboard Designer
  • select templates and themes for a new dashboard
  • add reports, analyses and requirements to a new dashboard
  • interact with the solution repository

Course Schedule

Module 1 Introducing Pentaho Business Analytics
Lesson Navigating through the user console
Lesson Access to online support and documentation
Module 2 Creating reports with the interactive reports feature
Lesson Creating an interactive report
Exercise Create an interactive report with business scenarios
Module 3 Creating analysis reports using the Analyser
Lesson Creating an analysis
Exercise Create a new analysis
Exercise Create an analysis with business scenarios
Lesson Create an interactive visualisation
Module 4 Creating a Pentaho dashboard
Lesson Creating a new dashboard
Exercise Create a new dashboard
Lesson Creating dashboard contents
Lesson Creating a dashboard with linked content
Module 5 Creating data sources using the Access Wizard
Lesson Creating a new data source
Exercise Create a report using a new data source
Module 6 Scheduling Reports
Lesson Creating a new data source
Exercise Create a report using a new data source

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Dirk Rönsch

Djordja Markovic

Laziz Karimov

Tom Haupt

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