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2 days


Course description

In the Business Analytics Report Designer course, you will learn how to design, create and publish custom reports using the Report From connections between data sources to adding design elements, you will get to know all the necessary steps for designing attractive and engaging reports for your company. This course will help you prepare for the PentahoSolution Consultant exam.

Note: The Business Analytics courses do not cover data integration and data administration training. For more information about data integration training, see the DI1000 Pentaho Data Integration course.

Target Audience


Learning Goals

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • describe the main features of the report designer
  • connect data sources and use design tools for reporting
  • create reports using various data and design elements
  • format report elements and apply different formats
  • add hyperlinks and parameters to the reports
  • create and manage diagrams and subordinate reports in the Report Designer
  • create reports using the report wizard

Course Schedule

Day 1
Module 1 Getting started with Pentaho Business Analytics
Lesson Introduction to Pentaho Business Analytics
Lesson Navigating through the Pentaho user console
Lesson Overview of the training contents
Module 2 Creating reports using the Report Designer, Part 1
Lesson Navigation in the Report Designer
Lesson Connecting a data source and writing a request
Exercise Connect a data source and write a request
Lesson Adding data elements and creating report groups
Exercise Add data items and create a report group
Lesson Creating sums/summands
Exercise Create group and report sums/summands
Lesson Creating headers and footers in reports
Lesson Formatting reports
Lesson Using conditional formatting
Lesson Publishing reports
Exercise Create a header and footer, then format and publish your report
Module 3 Creating reports using the Report Designer, Part 2
Lesson Adding report parameters
Lesson Creating hyperlinks
Exercise Adding parameters and hyperlinks
Lesson Creating diagrams and sub-reports
Exercise Create a report with several sub-reports
Day 2
Module 4 Extended reporting topics
Lesson Working with charts in the Report Designer
Exercise Creating a drillable chart
Lesson Using sub-reports in the Report Designer
Exercise Creating a report with multiple sub-reports
Lesson Using data integration as a data source in the Report Designer
Lesson Creating report templates
Exercise Create and setting up of a report template
Module 5 Using the report wizard
Lesson Using the report wizard
Module 6 View sample reports
Lesson Viewing sample reports

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Djordja Markovic

Laziz Karimov

Tom Haupt

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