Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Snowflake is a well-known Cloud data warehouse solution. In addition to its central advantages, such as its high scalability due to its absolute separation of computing resources (storage) and services, Snowflake can also be used for applications beyond Cloud DWH use.

Snowflake highlights

Cloud Data Warehouse

Designed as an SQL-based Cloud DWH right from the start

Data Lake

A convenient Hadoop alternative that supports that processing of structured and semi-structured data

Data Sharing

Secure and manageable data exchange – internally and for external monetisation


By separating computing and storage, the flexible and use case-related distribution of resources is possible

Cost Efficient

Perfect alternative for traditional enterprise database solutions

Our Snowflake Professional Services

Implementing Snowflake

We can take over the complete implementation of Snowflake in your company or in any sub-projects

Data migration to Snowflake

We can migrate the data from your current database solution into Snowflake

PoC & PoV

We'll show you whether and how your use case will perform with Snowflake

Trainings and workshops

We build up Snowflake know-how at your company and are sparring partners in individual workshops.

Advice & Consulting

360° advice for Snowflake and related technologies for implementing all data-driven use cases

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

We will support you in migrating to Snowflake

Why you should trust it-novum with your Snowflake project


Data is in our DNA – We know the right way to implement your data warehouse as well as all your other data projects

Hand in Hand

Our on-going close contact with the software manufacturer ensures we always have first-hand knowledge and expertise

Certified personnel

We have a large number of certified personnel (architects, consultants, developers, trainers)

Industry Expertise

Broad industry expertise – We have project experience across a wide variety of industries. We never take a blinkered approach to technology!