Location intelligence with Esri and

In an agile, networked and globalised world, the value of geographic data plays an increasingly important role. Together with the ArcGIS platform, Esri makes it possible to visualise this data in an industry-neutral manner for objective decision-making.

ArcGIS highlights

Planning and analysis

Easily understandable maps and dashboards for all geographic use cases

Real-time GIS

Evaluation of sensors and feeds on live maps

Big Data geographic patterns

Transform geographic Big Data into actionable knowledge

Processes and workflows

Tracking and monitoring of processes with maps

Spatial analysis

Locate and relate objects to derive future actions

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

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it-novum services for ArcGIS customers

We can show you how you can get even more out of your ArcGIS data, advise you on useful extensions and then implement them.

Using ArcGIS data

We extract data from ArcGIS & make it usable for other environments.

Enriching ArcGIS data

Technological advice for implementing your data privacy strategy.

Spatial ETL

We amalgamate a wide variety of data – geospatial data included.

Pseudonymising ArcGIS data

We make personnel-related data (e.g. from the ArcGIS Tracker) usable in accordance with GDPR.