IoT Platforms

The critical focal point for your digitalisation projects

IoT platforms are the heart of your IoT architecture. They’re where all data comes together, where applications and analyses are provided, and where the system as a whole is maintained.
Because of this fundamental importance, your platform should be selected with particular care. Implementation and further development should be handled by experts so that maximum results with minimal risk can be achieved.

Advantages of a bespoke IoT platform

Reduction in costs

A bespoke solution reduces the effort and complexity needed to manage and administer IoT devices and applications

Optimising operations

Having an IoT platform tailored to your needs will deliver real-time information on equipment and system performance so you can optimise your business processes

Increasing production

Innovative applications such as digital twins and predictive analyses increase your production effectiveness and efficiency.

Monetising IoT data

Using modern state-of-the-art algorithms, we search for as yet unknown patterns in your data that can deliver profitable results

360º view of your production

Achieve real transparency in your production by having a consolidated overview of all sensor values – in real time

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

We implement your IoT platform

Our services for implementing your IoT platform

Integration and networking of the IoT platform with traditional company systems

We ensure the seamless embedding of your IoT platform into existing systems and ensure networking with SAP, Salesforce and more

Reliable implementation of your IoT platform using proven best practices

From connectivity to edge devices and gateways right through to the IoT platform itself, we implement end-to-end, enterprise-level architectures for businesses.

Software evaluation and architecture design

Cloud, on-premise, open or closed source: We support you in choosing the right components and then put them all together to create your own bespoke architecture

Stable operations through professional maintenance and support

Even after your IoT platform goes live, we will be there for you, providing the professional support services you need

Implementation of innovative use cases and applications

Whether it's asset monitoring, digital twins or machine learning models for predictive maintenance and quality control: Our experts can develop the applications you need to ensure business success