IoT Monitoring

Find out critical information about your assets – in real time

Do you have all your business-critical assets in view at all times with real-time information ?
Modern sensors and the Internet of Things allow you to collect valuable data so that you can optimise the production or operational control of your business.

We'll help you

collect real-time information
about your business

realise a variety of
competitive advantages

implement your
IoT scenarios

increase your
operational efficiency

We implement the following use cases and more for our customers

Logistics: tracking and locating mobile assets

monitoring of asset availability

Cost savings through condition-based and predictive maintenance

Modern theft prevention and protection for your assets

Cost savings through condition-based and predictive maintenance

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

Let's talk about your IoT monitoring project

Our services for your OT/IT project

Visualising information for your use case

Our IoT experts set up intelligent alerts and develop dashboards populated with real-time information.

Connecting data streams to the IoT platform

Our data engineers can connect real-time sensor data with your IoT platform and integrate it with your other systems.

Integrating edge devices

Our OT experts ensure suitable gateways are chosen for integrating your different systems and devices.

Selecting and fitting edge devices & sensors

Our OT experts will advise you on selecting suitable sensors for monitoring your assets.

Providing your users with analyses so they can optimise your business

Our business intelligence experts and data scientists support you in strategically extracting information from your data so that you can discover weak points and optimise processes.