IoT Data Management

IoT Data Management

The Internet of Things has become the significant new data source for companies And it’s no wonder: The amount of data obtainable from a wide variety of sensors offers new perspectives on business processes and forms the basis for recommending action and decision-making in companies.

What we can offer for your IoT data management projects

Edge devices for local data processing

In many IoT architectures, data is already processed on edge devices, e.g. when it comes to handling real-time alerts or pre-filtering.

Handling a variety of data and transmission protocols

Sensor and machine data can be semi-structured or unstructured and is subject to the complex standards of the OT world, e.g. OPC-UA, Modbus, ProfiNet.

Real-time data and alerts

IoT applications should show the real-time status of processes and systems, which requires the analysis and processing of streaming data.

Big Data processing

IoT data is fast and there is a lot of it, so it requires the appropriate high-performance data architectures for accurate processing.

Accessing dark data

IoT data is often difficult to access and frequently has to be made available by retrofitting machines or intelligent gateways.

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

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Our professional implementation services

Evaluating and setting up your IoT architecture

We will select suitable data processing engines and merge them into a coherent overall architecture

Integrating IoT data with the other company data

We can easily network IoT data with SAO, Salesforce & others so you can get a holistic view of your business

Edge processing and analytics

We can put the appropriate processing and analysis systems in place for working with data on the edge or gateway

Developing data pipelines for connectivity

We can handle the setting up of data formats & protocols for loading data into the IoT platform or data lake

Implementing real-time monitoring and alerts

We can set up streaming data processes and analyses of real-time information from your IoT assets