IoT Analytics

Transform your business with IoT Analytics

More and more processes and applications are using the Internet of Things. . Being able to analyse the data drawn from these IoT systems is a critical success factor for digitally transforming companies We can provide you with support for a variety of different optimisation options that are available to you through the use of this data:

Optimising the customer experience

  • Addressing customers in store
  • Minimising queues
  • Security analysis
  • Predictive support
  • Medication monitoring
  • Citizen self-governance

Optimising product performance

  • Individual insurance
  • Yield optimisation (agriculture, water, etc.)
  • Smart grid analyses
  • Guarantee analyses
  • Traffic management
  • Predictive asset management

Optimisation of personnel-related processes

  • Worker safety
  • Route optimisation
  • Upturn optimisation
  • Change in driving behaviour
  • Hospital staff optimisation
  • Intelligent support

Improving operational efficiency

  • Fleet optimisation
  • Fuel consumption analysis
  • Energy usage analysis
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Remote monitoring of systems

New revenue source

  • Remote health monitoring
  • Contextual marketing
  • Managed services for operations
  • Fleet usage
  • Data monetisation

We help you to get the maximum value from your IoT data

Operational analysis of real-time data from a variety of sensors

Implementing different machine and deep learning methods for analysing data

Analyses of decentralised edge devices

Scaling your project from pilot to production

Integrating legacy systems (ERP, MES, etc.) to automate business processes

Correlating large amounts of data from a wide variety of source systems and formats

Christopher Keller
Director Big Data Analytics & IoT

Unlock new insights through IoT analytics

Our specialists can support you in all phases of your
IoT Analytics projects


Our OT experts use sensors to transform your systems into smart devices and then help collect existing data, for example, from PLCs.


Our data scientists analyse your IoT data and use dashboards to produce KPI visualisations for your products and processes.


We can set up alerts that enable data-driven decision-making based on your IoT data (condition-based maintenance).


Our data engineers implement data pipelines for collecting IoT data into an IoT platform or data lake.


Our ML experts can implement machine/deep learning models for predicting possible equipment failures (predictive maintenance).